LINX SL 501 50watt laser coder

Then consider the Linx SL501 which delivers both print speed and high resolution quality codes without compromise. Using steered beam laser technology, a high power 50w laser tube and a stand-alone mobile IP65 stainless steel enclosure, the Linx SL501 is the class-leading laser coder for even the most challenging production environments.

High performance in harsh production Environments
The Linx SL501 is ideal for printing high-quality text, graphics and Data Matrix codes on a wide range of materials, for both primary coding or secondary packaging applications. Capable of speeds of over 700m/min and protected against the toughest production environments, the Linx SL501 is ideal for high-speed coding applications in the beverage, brewing and food industries. It is equally at home on slower production lines where more complex coding or marking is required on components made of more difficult to mark materials such as glass and rubber.
The perfect fit for your production line
The stand-alone mobile cabinet and articulated arm ensure easy installation into tight spaces. The laser can easily be moved between lines, with no reliance on factory air or water to cool the laser tube.