Linx SL301 Industrial LASER coder

Do you need a laser coder that delivers improved productivity, low running costs and low maintenance, with no compromise on code quality? If so, why not switch to the Linx SL301 30W industrial laser coder?

Linx SL301 Industrial LASER Coder Features

30 watt LASER with no compromise on code quality!
Fastest LASER coder on the market!
Wide range of marking heads and lens options - versatile for many types of applications!
24/7 operation without the need for manual intervention.
Line speed*: (300m/min)
Standard model SL 301: (SHC60 Marking head, 95mm lens)
Spot size/Mark field/Marking distance: (0.31mm/66x66mm/96mm)
Other lens and head options (range)
Spot size: (0.11–1.65mm)
Mark field: (29x36–295x407mm)
Marking distance: (67–385mm)
No. lines of text: (Only limited by character size and mark field size)
Print Orientation: (0-360')

General Feature

Set-up/user interface: (Via HCU or PC)
PC user interface application: (Windows XP/Vista)
Multiple operating languages: (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Russian)
Comprehensive systems diagnostics including log function
Variable pulse frequency: (50 to 25,000 Hz)
Memory storage (MMC): (256MB)
Password protection: (3 protected levels)
Dual galvo character generation
Automatic safety shutter
Physical characteristics
Material: (Stainless steel covers, anodized aluminium chassis)
I P Rating - Marking unit/supply unit: (IP 54 or IP 65)
Weight - Marking unit/supply: (unit 21.4kg/12kg)
Conduit length: (3m- standard, 5m-optional)
Head options: (SHC60- standard spot , SHC100- small spot , SHC120 -micro spot)
Head mounting kits: (BEU - Beam Extension Unit, BTU - Beam Turning Unit, straight shooter)
Cooling IP 54 Standard: (Air cooled)
Cooling IP 65 kit option: (Blower Unit - see below)
Supply voltage/frequency: (Auto selection range 100 to 240V)
Maximum power consumption: (0.7kVA)
External Blower Unit (IP65 option)
Part number 230V Blower: (SLAD350 – AV/D – 230V)
Part number 110V Blower: (SLAD350 – AV/D – 110V)
Supply voltage/frequency: (Auto selection range 115 to 230V)
Air flow capacity: (400m3 / hr)
Ambient Temperature: (+5°C to +40°C)
Weight: (15kg)