Linx inks and fluids

Choose the best ink with the most successful coding and marking system.

Linx inks are high quality, robust and intended for industrial applications. Linx inkjet printers clearly print small and micro characters on rough, bumpy, brittle and soft surfaces without affecting the shape, material, line speed, angle or the position of product through the use of Linx inks.
Ijpn supply the complete range of accessories and consumables for all makes of coding machines at very low prices.

Linx General Purpose inks:

For our range of printers Linx also offers a variety of general-purpose black and colored inks, delivering outstanding performance on most common materials. This selection of Linx inks is therefore perfect for most primary or secondary packaging applications. All our Linx inks also have slightly different characteristics, meaning that we have inks that are ideal for specific applications.

Difficult substrates, such as plastics including nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene (including untreated OPP and BOPP), and polyvinylchloride can be awkward to code. Not so with our enhanced adhesion inks, offering superb print quality and adhesion on a range of awkward materials..

Instant Marking Inks works on metal etching principle and marks permanent acid, alkali, heat & solvent resistant marks on Steel, Brass, Copper, Zinc, Tin & their Alloys.

Oil based ink

For porous surfaces like carton, tray, wood...
Available in Black, Red & Blue.
Other colours available on request

Solvent based ink

For non-porous surfaces like glass, metal, plastic...
Available in Black, Red, Blue, Yellow & White. Other colours available on request

Oil & Solvent Cleaner Spray

We higly recommend to use our cleaner spray to clean away the dirt and dried ink on the plate of the printhead.
There is NO need to, TOUCH, WIPE, RUB th print engine. You ONLY NEED to use the cleaner spray to clean. We cannot guarantee the damages caused by inappropriate consumables, for example any make up used with CIJ machine will be too strong and will damage the printhead permanently.

Oil / Solvent Cleaner Cartridges & Storage Fluid

We also supply cleaner cartridges to deeply clean the ink system and the printhead of your printers.
The storage fluid is used when your Sauven or printer needs to be stored during a significant time. Please feel free to get in touch with us to get more information about the cleaning and storage of Linx printer.

Mineral Oil Free ink

For porous surfaces like carton, tray, wood...
The packaging industry is striving to avoid the use of materials and substances which contain mineral oil hydrocarbons.
With this new ink we are providing a solution ahead of future legislation. Some countries will soon ban the “standard oil ink” and some big companies and multinationals are already asking for this Mineral Oil Free ink.
Regarding the print performances you won’t notice any differences, the quality will remain the same.

Fast" Drying Solvent ink

For non-porous surfaces like glass, metal, plastic...
This new ink will dry faster than the standard one. Drying time will still depends of the environment conditions and of the nature  of the product that you are printing onto.