Linx 7900 MIDI continuous ink jet printer

Linx 7900 MIDI continuous ink jet food printer provides a flexible coding solution for pharmaceutical printing, food printing or coding farm packed eggs.Using dedicated specialist food grade inks which meet FDA and EU regulations, this small character food and pharmaceutical printer offers up to 3 lines of text, graphics and logos.Linx Insight® helps you to take more control of your production line.Now you can monitor your Linx 7900 from a smart phone, plus download or upload messages from a PC. And Linx Insight is included with the Linx 7900 MIDI printer at no extra cost. You only need internet access on your PC or smart phone, and an ethernet connection to the printer.
Simple printer control

Remote printer monitor and control with Linx Insight
Quick code changes using a barcode scanner and QuickSwitch® software
Easy transfer of messages between printers with a standard USB port or using Linx Insight

Lowest running costs

Service interval for egg coding can be set to match flock life for reliable operation in barn environments
Minimal parts changed at scheduled services – no expensive ink system assemblies to replace, so no hidden costs

Increased production uptime

Automatic and thorough cleaning of the printhead and conduit at every shutdown. Linx’s unique FullFlush® system ensures reliable startups
Fast mistake proof refills with the SureFill® system

Extra features – as standard

Ethernet port
3 line printing
Data Matrix 2D codes
RS232 connectivity
External single stage alarm output
Connectivity for product detectors and shaft encoders

Technical Specification

Printing capability

3 lines of print as standard
Maximum print speed of 6.28m/s (for single line of code)
Print heights from 1.8mm to 10.5mm
Data Matrix 2D codes
Dynamic reverse/invert printing for traversing lines

Programming facilities

Linx Insight remote printer control and status view
Simple menu-driven WYSIWYG message creation and editing
QuickSwitch® message selection and editing using a barcode scanner
USB port for copy and back-up of message and printer settings, and for easy transfer of messages between printers

Physical characteristics

Curved stainless steel casing with minimal dirt traps
IP55 rating
Weighs only 24kg
No factory air required